PS Interior Design Studio Logo
PS Interior Design Studio Logo

Why PS ?

One learns, with 25 years in the field of interior design, so many interesting lessons. The name P.S. came about as I sorted through the most compelling take-aways and created guiding concepts for the service we provide our clients.

The name P.S. has to do with completing the project journey. Once the creative juices are flowing, it’s important to have solid systems and a quality team of contractors, cabinet makers and workrooms in place to see drawings and renderings become finished spaces.

The name P.S. has to do with new possibility. There’s an art to re-purposing; giving materials, furniture and spaces a creatively re-invented life. We welcome the challenge of weaving together one’s history, travels and often evolving tastes to create a fresh take on an interior environment.

The name P.S. has to do with the power of the final touch … those game changing last thoughts. We are trained in space planning, lighting, interior architectural detail, but no project is complete without that last crucial layer, known as decoration. It’s often what is remembered and enjoyed most.

The name P.S. has to do with the next chapter. I’ve enjoyed a lovely, diverse career in interior design – it’s time to take a new turn and add another piece. My story looks like this.

… and P.S. are my initials. If we haven’t met, my name is Patricia Schimberg. Please call me Patty. Let’s talk about an original, thoughtful approach to interior design. Whether it’s a second home or primary residence, new construction or renovation, we ask questions and listen first. As a team with our clients, we then create individually tailored, uniquely beautiful interiors.